Maureen Kinyua

Urban Planning Manager

Maureen’s purpose is led by advocating for socially and environmentally just, co-productive and strategic solutions, to issues and challenges faced in the rapidly urbanizing world; to promote sustainable and resilient communities, project developments, and initiatives. On top of an MSc in Urban Development Planning from the University College of London, UK, she also holds an MA in Urban Design from the University of Sheffield, UK and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Kent, UK.

Before joining ITDP, Maureen worked as an Urban Designer and Planner at TRIAD Architects Ltd where she spearheaded the Master-planning Department for Triad Architects Ltd and streamlined the development of key procedures and processes within the department. Leveraging on her training and work experience, she has developed robust expertise in Master-planning, formulation of Urban Design and Development Frameworks, and Integrated Planning Standards and Principles.


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