Laura Ballesteros

Former Planning Undersecretary at the Secretariat of Mobility, Mexico City

Laura Ballesteros is the former Planning Undersecretary at the Secretariat of Mobility in Mexico City’s Government, where she implemented the Mobility Law through specialized public policy for non-motorized mobility, road safety, and integrated transport systems. Her first act in the job was promoting new transit regulations for Mexico City, built with the principles of Vision Zero, and she is currently building the city’s comprehensive road safety program. She also promoted regulation for On-Demand Mobility Services (Uber and Cabify), making Mexico City the first city in Latin America to regulate these services. Laura has a bachelor’s in Policy Science from the Technological and Superior Studies Institute (Tec de Monterrey), and a master’s in Strategic Management and Direction of Innovation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Carlos III in Madrid.


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