The rising middle class and the growing trend toward private car ownership has often resulted in the flight of the middle classes to car-oriented, and indeed high-carbon, living and working environments—vast expanses of expressways, interchanges, wide roads, and parking lots beside isolated commercial and residential buildings.

ITDP Africa believes that the solution to sprawl lies in making cities vibrant, livable, and sustainable to attract residents, stimulate economic opportunity, and foster low-carbon lifestyles. High quality sustainable transport systems coupled with transit friendly urban form are integral to providing a high quality of life for the residents of any city. ITDP Africa works to integrate smart urban design and transport by encouraging transit-oriented real estate development with state-of-the-art environments for walking and cycling.

Pedestrian- and transit-oriented development, in which residential and mixed-use buildings are planned around public transport, bicycle networks, and pedestrian facilities, is critical to help cities move away from sprawl and car dependency. Better design of new buildings and open spaces, the reform of zoning regulations, and the removal of other regulatory barriers are important steps toward creating environments that better suit individuals’ daily needs.

It’s Smart To Be Dense from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.



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