The Bikeshare Planning Guide

A resource for cities to design, plan, implement and measure the success of a bikeshare system
Over the past decade, bikeshare has contributed significantly to sustainable mobility in cities: providing first-last kilometer solutions, replacing short trips made by car, and offering a unique way for residents and visitors to explore their surroundings, among other benefits. As bikeshare continues to evolve- integrating pedal assist e-bikes, dockless bikes, and multi-operator models- cities have to understand the opportunities and risks such innovations present, as well as how to define success and measure system performance over time.
The Bikeshare Planning Guide provides in-depth guidance to city officials, practitioners and other stakeholders about planning and implementing a successful bikeshare system. The Guide encourages cities to position bikeshare as a critical piece of their transportation network, and plan- and expand- systems that prioritize transit integration, equity, and a high-quality user experience.


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