The BRT Standard, 2024 Edition

About this Edition

The BRT Standard is both a framework for understanding BRT and an evaluation tool for BRT corridors based on international best practices. BRT experts have evaluated the elements that receive points in the BRT Standard in a wide variety of contexts. When present, these elements result in consistently improved system performance and have a positive impact on ridership and the environment. Defining the essential elements of BRT, the Standard provides a framework for system designers, decision-makers, and the sustainable transport community to understand and implement high-quality BRT corridors. The Standard functions as a:

  • Common definition of BRT that includes the key features of BRT that result in high-performing systems, both from a design and operational perspective;
  • Planning tool for designers, planners, municipalities, advocates, and banks to consider and guide decision-making;
  • Evaluation tool to show where there are gaps in design that can be rectified or problems in operations that need to be addressed;
  • Recognition system celebrating corridors that achieve basic BRT, bronze, silver, or gold status and can serve as inspiration for other cities.

What’s New in 2024?

The BRT Standard


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