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It’s Smart To Be Dense from STREETFILMS on Vimeo. Urban density is a fundamental principle of sustainable development. Density supports economic and creative vibrancy, social integration, and a healthy, environmentally sustainable development model. As the world’s population continues to urbanize, our cities have two options for growth: density or sprawl. The private-car dependent sprawl model…

Right To Walk from ITDP on Vimeo.   Walkability is a crucial first step in creating sustainable transportation in an urban environment. It’s the most common form of transport in the world. We all do it a little differently but it is our most common way to travel. Walking is immediate, carbon free, and free. …

BostonBRT All Door Boarding Demonstration from ITDP on Vimeo. Allowing passengers to board a bus at any door (front, back, middle) and pre-pay are basic elements of BRT. These elements are also the foundation of good bus service. Boston embarked on demonstrating to riders how such improvements could dramatically change the daily commute with the…

Riding the Bike Share Boom from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

Highlighting the principles that make a BRT.  What is BRT? from ITDP on Vimeo.  


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