Nairobi Ndovu-A104 BRT Service Plan

The Ndovu/A104 BRT project in Nairobi is currently on a trajectory to become a world‐class BRT project. The highest quality BRT systems are designed around a good service plan. A service plan determines where the BRT routes will go, how big stations will need to be and how many passengers a BRT system will attract. The BRT infrastructure is then designed specifically for this service plan.
At the request of the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA), ITDP has prepared a preliminary BRT service plan for the Ndovu/A104 BRT project according to international best practice in BRT service planning. This report details the process, methodology and modelling results from several detailed alternative service scenarios. The recommended service scenario in this report minimizes land acquisition, reduces the capital costs needed for transfer stations, minimizes travel time for passengers, and attracts the most passengers. The results of each alternative option are shown. The best scenario for the project would result in a top‐quality BRT that can be replicated in Nairobi, in Kenya, in East Africa, and throughout the world.

A104 BRT

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